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Insincerity represent partly or entirely suppression of truth.

Lie represent partly or entirely negation and cancellation of truth.

Cunning represent a connection of seduction, insincerity and lie.

Insincerity, Cunning and Lie represent mostly group of technics which Ego uses. Their role is multiple, and application is daily. We use them to protect ourselves. To avoid the punishment. To realize benefit. To establish and keep power over some person. And in any other occassion.

The whole Egoland is impregnated by Insincerity, Cunning and Lies. From seven years old boys, over respectable businessmen, up to grizzled old heads, at different level and form, depending of purpose and application, they all together contribute to general misery of human society. And it will never be changed.
No one social system, movement, belief and anything else, will never succeed to wean a human kind of those exploitation.


Imagine that you are person whose IQ is 148 points. It is (in distinction from mostly of us with 100 points) very high level of intelligence, which allows you to successfully and in time conclude faculty, immediately get a job and very quickly become noticed and respectable in your profession. And imagine that because of your personal experiment, bring hard decision that you’ll never be insincere again, you’ll never be artful again and you’ll never make a lie.

What consequences it would reflect on your future life?

Until then, respectable, notable, competent and perspective, suddenly you would start to slide downward the social scale.
Colleges and staff would start to avoid you, business partners would stop to make contracts with you, and you’ll become very boring to your company. Your girl would suddenly leave you resentfuling with your new behaviour, family would ask you are you normal, and soon you would be at the bottom of society.

You are worthlessly. Incompetent. Stupid. Also probably slightly mentally retarded. Your recent friends and acquaintances would pass by you, gently making nods and asking what happened to you.

Yes, what actually happened to you?
In a world which is based on stories about Honesty, Honour, Truth, Reputation, Justice, it is supposed that you would be near top, not at the bottom, don’t you?!

Gift of Love, Truth and Freedom
Every human being with a birth get a gift of Love, Truth and Freedom. They represent base of your being, its foundation, walls, windows, door, roof and everything else what make a home of your Soul. Their presence make you happy and make you enjoy in every passed day, whatever it was. The thing which determines its quality isn’t quality, but pure happiness which derives from you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t long to much.
Although your company protected you from reality for a while, with a stoppage of teenage years, it is finished. Wherewith you make a deeply step into life, you’ll meet pay toll point. Those aren’t ordinary obstacles, but one kind of test, which will show are you ready to accept growing. Are you ready?
Then, gradually or all at once, you understand its price – you have to deny Love, Truth and Freedom. You have to hide them and reject, otherwise, Egoland gates will stay closed for you forever.

Alone and on the bottom?!

Don’t take it in consideration, you deserve much better. With a bigger or smaller sadness you’ll reject, partly or entirely, Love, Truth and Freedom. Beside that, you don’t care, anyway, it is for kids, you’re grown now. You’re accepted, indeed, at the first time with some suspicion, it seems that society isn’t completely sure that you understood rules of grown world.

Yes you are.
Never tell the truth. Never show that you are happy to much. Be subservient and full of respect against those who are more powerfull than you. Don’t show to much that you are clever. Money buys everything. Power is on the top.

And you was right. Sliding downward among the rules just real slalom skier, first results are coming soon. You realize successes and attract attention.
They offer you the relationship of a godfather. Percentage. Sex. Partnership. Membership in VIP club. Marriage. And everything else what you can find on world market.

Again, you congratulate yourself at properly choice. It is showed correct that neither Love, Truth, Freedom in the world almost have no value. And you missing it. In fact, You ensured yourself that Insincerity, Cunning and Lie aren’t so bad as you naive tought once upon a time.
Otherwise, not everybody use it.

And just like according to calendar, earth days pass slowly.
Indeed, there are sometimes shortly bad periods, but generally, when you look around, you are satisfied with your life and with those what you achieved. As many as you sacrificed, it was worth.
Simply…simply sometimes, your thoughts are wandering in time, when you had nothing except Love, Truth and Freedom. In that time, when you was happy.

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