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As we wrote about male molesters, for completely understanding of trauma apperances , this time we are going to speak about topic which present absolute taboo – female molesters.

Civilization myths and current culture patterns, view a woman as a gently and remedilessly being, so far as in a life, many times it is not a case. Struggle for the power between man and woman, is going on since their first meeting, it can be very roughly and inside it there is allowed to use every possible means. If those means doesn’t give suitable effect, than both of them starting to use their strongest weapon – man’s force, woman’s aggressiveness.

Woman has strong internal need to establish control and power over her man and there is some reasons for that behaviour.

1. Increased common energetic system
Since woman are more sensitivity relative to man, mostly of them are completely realizing energetic nature of the relation which is establishing between them. Hence, there is a famous female bashfulness which primary goal is establishing of domination over the man, because the man is always put in a position to "adjure” for permission to be with her, wherewith he leaves her control over the rest part of the energy which is made by their common activity.

Next fragment explains commencement and a part of increased common energetic system:
"..Every relationship between two persons lead to mutually energy exchange, but if it is more intensive, at that time there is automatic begins creating of energetic connection, which is – although invisible or exactly therefore, more lastingly and harder of any other physical relation.
The more mentally, emotional and physical energy is entered in some relation, the relation between those two persons is stronger and harder. Before they established mutually relation, both persons are existed separately and independently – one ego with own energetic system and second ego with own energetic system. However, with relation establishing, that relation is changing and now next situation appears: there are still two egos, but because they are connected by relation, their energetic systems now functioning as one increased common energetic system.

It is specific that even we call "average of increased energetic system” appears. If we imagine that intensity of some person’s energetic system is, let us say, 80 energetic units, and intensity of the other energetic system is 50 units, then with establishing of the relation, overflow from stronger to weaker energetic system and their equalization, so now average of increased energetic system is 65 units. This is principally happens with harmonic relations, where both of persons appreciate each other. You probably heard that for some man is said: "Oh my God, since he get married, he is entirely changed and subsided, I can’t recognize him ", and that was happen just because of average of increased system establishing.

However, in relations which are not harmonic and where persons don’t respect each other, than they try (mainly unconsciously) to break (energetic) connection which is already established, because till it exist, it avail as two-way channel for mutually negative energy exchange. Thus, the struggle appears, whereby both persons try to maintain and detain so much energy as much as possible and to simultaneously break the connection. Later in other chapter, we are going to explain the way it happens and thereat what is going on…

2. Fear of maltreating
One of the every woman’s basic fears is a fear of psychical and sexual maltreating in relationship or marriage.
Mainly , this fear is justifiable, because it is based on real experience of her mother, relative and friends who were in smaller or bigger volume exposed to maltreating.
Edified with this experience, and in a will to prevent that event to happen to her, woman will make labour to realize a relation only with a man who allow her to establish completely control and power over him.

Indeed, this is not completely secure system, because some men are perfect Actors, who their real nature show just then when it is so late for escape – in marriage with a children.

Deviation from this rule happens in two cases:
- when she falls in love, so completely give up to the love for which he can suffer maltreating for a long time, and
- in a case when the man is so rich and influential. Because of fortune and power he possess in a society, she accept his supremacy over her, so she will make an endeavour to show (prove) it to him, that with own behaviour and attributes she deserves to be together with him.
Specific balance in a power she’ll realize later, with child birth and playing the role of perfect spouse of successful man.

3. "My Man "
Next reason is also important.
Every woman for the time of her virginity makes "vision” of her future life. Inside her, she has a vision of "her” man (sometimes impressly detailed), kids, home, social status, property and everything else what makes one happy family.
The only one who possibly can disturb that vision is a man himself whom she have chosen. Watching own father, brothers and others men, in time woman conclude that they are unreliable many times, "discursive” and not so rarely directed on ” unprofitable activities” – endlessly debates about politics, sport, sex, cars, triumphed or losed wars. In a pub.

Because of that, by power and control establishing over her man, she in a biggest possible volume provides all necessarily needed preconditions, which are necessary for realization of own happy family vision.
If she doesn’t succeed, than she in considerably volume loses life pleasure and starts to feel unrealized.

4. Aggressiveness
Fourth (or first) reason is aggressiveness, which as a dominate attribute belongs to female gender, and this is a rule for all living species on planet. During life, mostly women is generally wisely use it, primarily because of keeping and improving of own family’s prosperity.

Thanks to aggressiveness, woman is almost always bigger fighter than her spouse, so she will without compromise and devotedly try to breed, educate and "carry out on the right way ” her children. It doesn’t means that he loves them fewer, but simple that he doesn’t know to express that love against them on such an active and dynamic way, like she does.
He is not aggressive enough.

When we talk about him, woman her aggressiveness at this time also will use on positive way: she will set forth him – when he is depressed, she’ll encourage him – when he is unsure, she’ll renew his power – when he is tired, she’ll stimulate his ambitions – when he doesn’t have it. Many times she will rouse him from some lethargy and routine, in which mostly men get fall in.

Aggressiveness , which is specific, in a connection with love, will help her to realize positive goals, and it mostly represent those person who is the most meretriciously for good health, progress and success of all family members.
Of course, nothing is not ideal so far, because, sometimes that same aggressiveness she directs , without any motive, to her husband and kids, but principally, it happens so rarely and doesn’t last to much.

Unfortunately, beside usually, there are also female molesters exist.

Like their male "colleges”, they also make active search for the victim, while thereby – unlike them, she maltreat subject of her gender very rarely, their victims are mostly children and men.

Just like male-molesters, they also possess all their attributes:

1. Hate
2. Sadism
3. Cowardliness
4. Duplicity

In cases when they personally use physical violence, then it is mostly directed on children, however, if they apply it on male-victim, then they engage other men, usually more of them from Chasers, whom they largely use in victim maltreating.

Nevertheless, for Circe the Emotional Maltreating is her most favourite (see Energetic Vampirism) because it doesn’t leave visible injuries and bruise marks, longs so far, and victim always suffer a huge pain. She is – by the help of Chasers, many times able to entirely destroy victim’s life and health, and to still in society stands as "nice, good and innocent”.
It is tragic that reasons for maltreating of the men is mostly matter to hurt Vanity or represent just an excuse for manifestation of her cumulatived internal hate.

Every psychopathic is in some slight degree, sometimes, hearted, so because she wants to get free of that pain, psychopathic always looking for suitable victim, which remind him on the executor of her pain. In this case, it is enough that victim be a man.

In emotional (and energetic) sense, woman is stronger than man, but at the same time she is also more sensitive. It is easier to injure her, she forgives harder, hates longer. Many times she is able to persecute some man and bring him a pain for a long years because just he didn’t want, let us say, to be with her or to make love with her. Because of that, she feels strong vulnerability and pain, which she only can cool down with maltreating and Revenge.

Sometimes, Circe finds victim and retaliate to him, because she is also maltreated earlier by the some man. "They are all the same” – that is her guiding thought.
Her advantage in that mission is fanatic and unreserved support by Chasers – in this case – women, who use "free” occasion to also make revenge to the victim because of own pain, which is – who know when and by the who know man caused.
"They are all the same” – that’s also their guiding thought.

Although women consider that this is successful way for revenge over "dirty and bad” men, in fact, they just make own suffer deeper.
One Molester will destroy life of one, rarely two or more women, and he’ll do it slowly, during whole marriage.
Except in rarely cases, by Circe this cycle is many faster and mostly last a few months, rarely longer than a year. Because of that, she – just until the moment when she "cools down” in some slight degree, achieve to make a pain and destroy a life leastwise of 7-10 men.

In desire to protect themselves – disclaiming the fact that female-molesters exist and also disclaiming the fact that maltreat of the men also exist as a phenomenon, other women on that way make mistake, offend the pain of the men who were victim of the Circe and brace it in believe that "they are all the same”, on that way making stronger desire for revenge.
It is clearly that this revenge don’t be experienced by Circe, but the man will exert oneself and try to find some good and devoted woman, to whom he will gradually destroy the whole love, joy and life dreams, so he would revenge on that way to female-molester and heal own pain.
This will be done by everyone of her 7-10 victims.

When the marriage is under consideration, many women don’t understand its basic wisdom.
If you lose the struggle with your spouse, your marriage will represent suffer. If you win alone, at one sophisticated way, your marriage will also represent suffer. Your marriage will be successfully just if you, with your own wisdom, avoid "proclaim of the war ” and mutually struggle for a power, even when victory came forward to you itself. Joy and happiness in a marriage you’ll experience only if you succeed to keep and and regenerate mutually energy originated from the start of your relationship, which still exist and whereby there is necessary entirely help of your spouse.

Unfortunately, although still directed to the struggle for the Power, many women very fast become emotionally rough and under sedation with achieved victories, insomuch that they develop and abuse their Personal Power, so man often feels like he is with an Foreign Legion officer, not to a woman.

Doesn’t neglecting other reasons for getting marriage, for him is one of the most important reasons is that he still looking inside you for a smiled girl with sun in her hair, which once to knew to, with her love and tenderness, heal the pain of daily life.
Still, inside you, he is looking for a magic of Love, which he doesn’t succeed to find inside him.

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