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Eternally dilemma, even we aren’t entirely aware of it. Something what sourceing in us, make us and force us to tirelessly find new ways for renewed pain causing. What provoke that conflict?

The Power!


The Power is a force which internal force originate on other postulates. It is some kind of psycho-magic and psycho-culture which make a pressure on a person whose posses it, for constantly "fertilization”. This fertilization consists of continuous restoration and increasing of its living force, whereby you are completely minor.
The Power is self-contained.

That self-containing represent the basic artery, which makes it unlikely resistingly which reflects in permanently seeking for a new living force. That force, such a requested and necessarily, makes the person who possess it to feel different of others who don’t possess it.
The Power makes everything is bleakly in its presence.
It is sometimes accelerator, but often restrainer, it is and like that, accepted or rejected, it works in a world of appearance and things.

The Power is death. Death of love, life, joy, happiness, smile, love… oh, love is already mentioned, but again, it is not unnecessary to do it once more, because it deserves it. It is life giving, regenerating and generally imitating force of the Universe. We originate of it, we live inside it and we are going back to it. But, between arrival and return in our being, unfortunately, there is an emptiness – deficiency of love. Such a present, for us, human beings, it is at the end of value list. Everything, but just everything, soever it looks stupid and trivialy, have advantage over it.


Because, love represent the most insecurely and the most volatile energy in the Universe. Leastwise, it’s a viewpoint of your Ego.
For Ego, it is constant source of insecurity, pain, weakness, impotence. It is a main saboteur, who undermines all its attempts to make something from life. To achieve. To conquer. To reach glory and success. To leave some trace in the Universe. To conquer and enhance the Power. To outlive own disappearance and death.

With Love, it is impossible. It experiences love and everything what happens around it as some kind of needlessly, but always present emotional movement. That movement many times causes appearance of pain, conditioned with a reactions of the people.

What about Love?
Whether maybe its some influence can helps to the person exposed to negative experience?

Yes it can, if you are aware of it.
Love sends you, over and over again, hard and constantly from the moment of your birth up to the moment of your return to the spiritual world, waves of Love. Because of its internal nature, they aren’t aggressively, importunate and rough. To feel them, you must remove and to clean up all layers of trauma, pain, mental obstruction and beliefs, because all of them restrain Love to be realized inside you. When you are empty – empty of thoughts, emotions and physically body sense, when you are just a Pure Consciousness, then it rushes and fills a whole your being.

So that connection of Pure Consciousness and Love, the moment which lasts forever, join you and expands you up to endlessly frontiers of the Universe. Although you still keep consciousness about yourself as a unique and self-consciously being, now you feel that you belong, that you fill and that you’re the whole Universe and that the meeting which was indispensably, finally realized.

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